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Tests, Calibrations & More

KSS, formerly OV Scale, is a one-stop-shop for keeping your scales and balances and instruments in top working order. We can also manage your calibration schedule to make sure your devices are always functioning at their best. With ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation at our Carnegie, PA and Wheeling, WV we perform a wide range of services in Carnegie and Wheeling.

Our highly skilled technicians perform calibrations, testing or repairs at your site or in our climate-controlled lab, and we work closely with you to schedule maintenance at your convenience. To make sure we meet your high standards every time, our technicians receive extensive manufacturer training, NIST Handbook 44 training, and OSHA/MSHA safety training. In addition, all of our service technicians and sales representatives receive OSHA 10-hour training.

The services we offer include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Repairs
  • Extreme Capacity Tests
  • Instrument Calibrations
  • Lab Balance Calibrations
  • Preventive Maintenance Contracts
  • Repairs
  • Scale & Balance Calibrations
  • Scale Rentals
  • Electrical Multimeters
  • Turnkey Installations
  • Weight Rentals for Crane Load Testing
  • 80,000-lb. Rail Scale Certification Compliant with AAR Scale Handbook

Whether you’re in transportation, manufacturing, processing or mining, KSS is ready to help you make sure your scales, weighing systems, instruments and related systems always deliver optimal performance.

For your convenience, we offer preventive maintenance contracts and emergency service. To get started, or for additional information, call 800.888.0840 or contact service@ovscale.com

  • Featured Service
  • Torque Wrench Calibration
  • Kanawha Scales & Systems has expanded its Torque Wrench Calibration service with the purchase of a 600TL Torque Calibration System by CDI Torque Products.

    We can calibrate your torque wrenches in capacities from 5 in/lbs to 600 ft/lbs with quick turnaround, complete with a Certificate of Calibration.

    For inquiries contact us at service@ovscale.com or 1-800-888-0840.