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Recent Developments

August 30, 2016 - OV Scale & Instruments is pleased to announce that we have been acquired by the ownership of Kanawha Scales & Systems of Poca, WV, and in 2017 we will officially merge into the KSS organization. Kanawha Scales was founded in 1954 and has grown to become one of the preeminent industrial scale companies in the United States, with an outstanding reputation for service, quality, and safety. This will benefit our valued customers by providing us with access to Kanawha Scale’s unique product, automation and service competencies, with which we can continue to provide customized service and solutions as before but now with greatly enhanced capability to meet our customers’ needs.

April 18, 2016 - OV Scale & Instruments has been accredited for the 16th consecutive year to the ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard by the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B). Please see our Quality Page for the new Accreditation and Scope Statements.

January 11, 2016 - - OV Scale's fleet of (4) heavy capacity test trucks mobilize for a day of truck scale calibrations, rail scale calibrations, and crane load tests.

December 2015 - OV Scale & Instruments invested in a new Peterbilt Heavy Capacity Test Truck and 25,000 lb.-capacity Motorized Weight Cart for calibrating truck scales. We now field three fully equipped test trucks with weight carts to provide 24/7 calibration and repair service to truck scale users. The new unit will be housed at our new Carnegie, PA, shop to provide local truck scale service to our Pennsylvania customers.

December 2015 - OV Scale & Instruments purchased a new Weighline Rail Scale Portable Test Unit to provide 24/7 service to Weighline Rail Scale users. This enables us to calibrate these scales quickly and efficiently without the need for time-consuming test weights, test cars, or test carts.

November 2015 - OV Scale & Instruments provides accredited calibrations of multi-meters using our Transmille 3041A Precision Multi-Product Calibrator and HP 3457A Multi--Meter.

November 2015 - OV Scale Supports Hilltop Huskies

October 2015 - OV Scale & Instruments invested in new pressure calibration equipment:

Our new Fluke P3114-PSI Deadweight Tester and Mensor CPC-6000 improve accuracy, uncertainty, and efficiency in calibrating pressure gages from 200 psi-10,000 psi, 0 psi-65 psi, and 1 psi-1000 psi.

July 2015 - Annual Golf Extravaganza - OV Scale & Instruments Annual Golf Extravaganza for our customers was held Friday, July 17 at Lone Pines Golf Club in Washington, PA. Many of our customers participated in a beautiful day of golf, refreshments and a steak dinner. This is a small token of our appreciation to our valued customers who are so vital to our continued success.

June 2015 - OVScale now a Platinum Distributor - Avery Weigh-Tronix named OV Scale & Instruments a “Platinum Distributor” for 2015 based on our growing volume of business in 2014. AWTX is a great company and we are proud to represent them. The awarded plaque is displayed on our wall of honor.

June 2015 - OVScale is named Exceptional Sales Performer - Rice Lake Weighing Systems acknowledged “Exceptional Sales Performance” by OV Scale & Instruments for our growing volume of business in 2014. RLWS is an excellent company and we are proud to represent them. The awarded plaque is displayed on our wall of honor.

May 2015 - OVScale supports Autism Speaks - Autism Speaks acknowledged OV Scale & Instruments as a Bronze Level sponsor our contributions to their efforts in 2014. We are proud to support this organization and their awarded plaque is displayed on our wall of honor.

January 2015 - OVScale gets accredited - In January 2015, we passed our 15th consecutive ISO/IEC 17025 audit by the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B). Our accredited scope of work may be found on our website and on the L-A-B website. It includes all varieties of scales and balances, and a long list of dimensional, pressure, temperature and other instruments.

November 2014 - OVScale expands operations - In November 2014, we moved our Pittsburgh-area offices and shop to a new facility in Carnegie. PA, that is four times larger than our previous location to accommodate our rapidly growing sales and service business in western Pennsylvania. We are grateful to our customers for their patronage and appreciate the privilege of serving you.

July 2014 - OVScale receives new EMR - In July 2014, we received our new EMR rating and it continues to decline as we experience year- after-year without any recordable safety incidents. Our EMR is now 0.76. We are approved by a variety of third-party safety management programs, including ISNetworld, PEC Premier, Cognibox and PICS Safety.


The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, in cooperation with the Belmont County Safety Council and St. Clairsville Area Chamber of Commerce, recently recognized OV Scale with the 100% Award for no recordable injuries occurring in 2014. In appreciation of an injury-free year, we gave each employee a gift card to an establishment of his or her choice.


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  • Torque Wrench Calibration
  • Kanawha Scales & Systems has expanded its Torque Wrench Calibration service with the purchase of a 600TL Torque Calibration System by CDI Torque Products.

    We can calibrate your torque wrenches in capacities from 5 in/lbs to 600 ft/lbs with quick turnaround, complete with a Certificate of Calibration.

    For inquiries contact us at service@ovscale.com or 1-800-888-0840.